the training pit BOOTCAMP

At THE TRAINING PIT change is inevitable. You will walk through the doors and never look back. The transformation is painful, yet strangely addictive. Your heart will race. Your body will burn. And your mind will play tricks on you, but in the end, you will win. Losing is never an option.

Created to deliver maximum results without the heavy weight aspect of Crossfit, our Boot Camp relies on a combination of intense cardio, strength, and core training. Not to be confused with your typical gym, THE TRAINING PIT's Boot Camp is a hardcore workout that will take you out of your comfort zone and into a new mindset. By implementing interval training with your own body strength and various equipment, like kettlebells, punching bags, and medicine balls, THE TRAINING PIT Boot Camp yields force, endurance and efficiency.

Our Bootcamp instructors infuse the strict training regimen and extreme discipline of a professional athlete, producing a whole body, result-driven program. Here at The Training Pit / USP CrossFit, we change lives, one champion at a time.

That's what it means to us. Are You Ready?

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